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The Brent Primary

Year 6 Maths and English

Term 4 White Rose Tutorials

Week 2 - Year 6 Spring Block 4 TS8 Percentage of an amount - multi step on Vimeo

Week 3 - Year 6 Spring Block 5 TS5 Area of any triangle on Vimeo

Week 4 - Year 6 Spring Block 6 TS3 Read and interpret pie charts on Vimeo

Week 5 - Year 6 Spring Block 6 TS6 The mean on Vimeo

Week 6 - Sum6.3.1 - Measure with a protractor on Vimeo

Wednesday 7th December

Maths Video - add and subtract any two fractions

CGP - Please finish Spring for both English and Maths

English - We are focusing on semi colons next week for our grammar and punctuation.  Please watch the video - how to use a semi-colon

Wednesday 30th November

Maths Video - convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Our GPS and spelling patterns for next week will be focusing on using parenthesis (brackets, commas and dashes) and suffixes -ed -ing -ful -ness -ly (a revision of previously taught suffixes)
CGP books please continue with your next English task

Friday 4th November 

Please complete your CGP English books up to Worksheet 6.  Our GPS will be focusing on verbs, adverbs and adjectives.  Looking at how the vocabulary can aid description in our writing.  We will focus on the spelling patterns where words with the /s/ sound are spelt 'ch' 'ss' or 's' i.e. sure, mission, brochure, chef, shop, special and sugar.

Friday 14th October

Maths Video - square and cube numbers

Friday 7th October

CGP Books: Maths Spring Worksheet 2
Please continue to read daily and fill in your reading journals as well as Times Table Rockstars! 🙂





White Rose Maths 

 Primary Scheme of Learning - 'home learning' lessons, each with an introduction to completing the activity successfully.


Purple Mash 

Access your Purple Mash account.  There is a 2-DO saved for you to access times tables.


Hit the Button  

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers.


Multiplication Tables Check  

 Build a daily routine practising your times tables.