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The Brent Primary

Parent Comms (Arbor)

We try very hard to communicate effectively with parents/carers so that everyone is kept informed about school life.

However, you might be aware that sending written information home can be rather ‘hit and miss’ with information often going missing on the way.

We are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the amount of paper we use.

At The Brent all communication is sent to your email address enabling you to access at any time. 

The Arbor App allows you to update your child/ren's information, book parent consultations, and pay for school dinners or organised events.

Below are links to Arbor Helpsheets for your information.

Parent Portal and Arbor App Leaflet

Getting started - Log into the Parent Portal and the Arbor App

A quick introduction to Arbor for parents and guardians

Signing child up for a Trip on Parent Portal or the Arbor App