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Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing is used throughout The Brent to enable children to learn story structures and to rehearse spoken English skills. Through this children gain the confidence and skills needed for written story writing.

Talk for Writing fundamentally teaches children how to be writers – not just how to write. It supports children to be able to generate ideas, draw upon their reading and write confidently for a variety of audiences and purposes.  The methodology follows a three-tier pattern: Imitation, Innovation and Independent Application. 

During the imitation stage, children get to know a text really well by orally learning it, exploring it through drama and then reading it for vocabulary, comprehension and writerly tools.  The Innovation stage is grounded in the processes of shared writing, with a strong and systematic focus on securing the basics of handwriting, phonics/spelling and grammar in relation to what is needed for the text type being taught. The final stage, Independent Application, promotes children to draft, edit and publish their own independent versions.

At the heart of Talk for Writing is the principle we should increase the amount children read and are read to.  Through the children’s time at The Brent, children gradually build their bank of well-known texts, supplemented by picture books, novels, poems and non-fiction books. Gradually, this living library of language begins to equip the children with the words they need to express themselves.


Goldilocks and The Three Bears                   Handa’s Surprise

Supporting Talk 4 Writing at Home

Please find below resources to further support your child with their Talk 4 Writing learning at home.

  • Actions for key words
  • Reception T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 1 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 2 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 3 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 4 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 5 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)
  • Year 6 T4W Texts (PDF REQUIRED)

Opening Doors

An Opening Doors approach is used throughout the school to develop children’s inferential and reasoning skills. The approach begins by using interesting cropped images to spark children’s imagination, make links with their prior learning and in turn learn how to make high-quality inferences and predictions.




What can you see?

What can you infer?

What do you predict the whole picture will show? Why?

Which stories does this picture remind you of?


Websites to further support using images to make inferences and predictions at home