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The Brent Primary

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Development (SMSC)

At The Brent, we believe our children’s social and emotional development determines their attainment at primary school and beyond.

Their well-being and life chances depend on their self-esteem, self-awareness, how positively they think, and how well they use their internal resources.

Our children develop a growth mindset - they think positively, believe in themselves, are confident and assertive. They go for their goals with a ‘can do’ attitude and belief in themselves. Our school’s ethos prepares pupils positively for life in Modern Britain and promotes the fundamental British values.

A strong philosophy is embedded in our school, based on respect and an ethos of accepting, understanding and valuing everyone’s differences. ‘We treat others as we want to be treated’. There are ‘no outsiders’. Our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum supports our ethos celebrating difference and challenging prejudice. We are a Growth Mindset school who recognises effort rather than ability. We want our children to be motivated intrinsically, recognising the importance of improving themselves without the need for public recognition. “Creating a culture where students believe their abilities are preordained, will discourage them from taking risks” Matt Bromley. Our pupils are aware of their strengths and areas of development. We dedicate quality time in our lessons to act on feedback, to redraft work in order to improve. High levels of expectation encourage our pupils to take a leap of faith with confidence, to take risks, even if they fail.

We support a Philosophy for Children approach, encouraging children to answer open ended questions using their own reasoning to support their point of view. Debating is a key skill that we promote within lessons and assemblies. Children are encouraged to make choices and understand that other children will make their own choices (democracy). In lessons children are encouraged to reflect on other people’s views. We promote the principles of cooperative learning through partner and group work. As our poem states, ‘we help each other to be our best, as learners and as friends’.

At The Brent, we promote many of the principles of UNICEF Rights and responsibilities of a child. However, we believe that children need clarity in their responsibility in helping everyone to get the best from their education within our school. Each class creates their own class charter at the beginning of the year, which identifies the agreed code of conduct. Each member of the class is invited to sign as a symbol of their commitment to taking responsibility for their part in upholding their community’s rules. This allows each child to recognise their personal rights as an individual, but also their responsibility in giving other people their rights.

We develop the whole child through these four simple questions;

  • Who am I?
  • Who are we?
  • Where do we live?
  • How do we live together?