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The Brent Primary

Design & Technology

The aim of Design and Technology at the Brent is to ignite children's creativity and develop lifelong skills of logic, reasoning and evaluating.

Design and Technology encourages children to be curious and creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. Within our Design and Technology teaching, we provide children with cross-curricular opportunities to embed their newfound skills in a real-life context. We teach them the skills and technical knowledge to design, make and evaluate products, thus developing critical thinking and questioning needed to become the product designers and the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Through their growing knowledge and understanding of Design and Technology, they learn how to develop the skills of research, experimenting and analysing which in turn strengthens their appreciation of construction, nutrition, mechanical movement and the joining of textiles. Through a variety of practical, hands-on experiences, children have the opportunity to use their Growth Mind-set to become resilient and persistence learners.