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The Brent Primary


The aim of art teaching at The Brent is to stimulate the children’s creativity, imagination and design.

We believe that art has the power to not only educate but to inspire and motivate our children. Through our teaching, children learn to explore outlets for self-expression and therefore will develop a sense of identity, contributing to becoming well rounded children. Thus they learn to value their own developing ideas and along with that of others.

Through their journey at The Brent, children are encouraged to explore, experiment and create their own works of art, inspired by the work of others and to reflect upon what went well and where they can improve. They are also taught to develop a personal response to artists’ work. Sketchbooks are used from Year 2 upwards, to encourage children to record their ideas and see the sequence of their learning.

Artists and craftspeople are studied from a variety of backgrounds, time periods and cultures to further develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. They will learn to respect and interpret the artwork across other cultures in modern multicultural Britain. Children learn how to draw, paint, sculpt, collage and print and in turn develop the skills of research, experimenting, planning and evaluating.  

Using their Growth Mindsets children take responsibility for their own learning, showing resilience and respect for the world around them. 

Our Art Gallery

To showcase Art at The Brent we have our very own Art Gallery located within school, where everyone can celebrate the creativity that Is happening within the classrooms. Here are some examples;