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The Brent Primary

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

We are the Panthers and Tigers classes supported by the following members of staff:

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Theme of the week:

Term 2 - Celebrating Differences

w/c 23rd November - How do we stick to problems, even when they are tough?

Congratulations to the following children:


Leyton Y for demonstrating kindness to others, as well as supporting his friends with their learning. 

Tigers: Jack T for helping people when they are in need, and encouraging your peers to always do their best.

Congratulations to the following children:

Panthers: To the whole class for exceptional team work, perseverance and problem solving in DT this week.


Ahmed A for putting a superb amount of effort into his home learning.
Caitlin E for always seeking ways to improve her learning.

Congratulations to the following children:

Star Reader - Panthers: Dami S for reading a range of texts fluently, making links and expanding her vocabulary.
Star Reader - Tigers: Chloe B for continuing to read regularly and applying vocabulary from the texts to her writing.
Star Writer - Panthers: Jack R for rehearsing and improving his sentences to produce thoughtful writing. 
Star Writer - Tigers: Charlotte C for persevering to extend her vocabulary and showing fantastic determination in her writing.
Star Mathematicians - Panthers:

Billy B from Mrs Nelson for asking questions to improve his learning.

Mrs McEwan's Maths set to Harry S from 5EC for making links and demonstrating quick mental recall.

Star Mathematician - Tigers: Henry A for always showing fantastic resilience, determination and effort in his maths.
Star Scientist - Panthers: Phoebe B for showing enthusiasm and motivation in lessons and with her home learning.
Star Scientist - Tigers: Nellie E for showing fantastic research skills, determination and effort in her science learning.