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School Council

Within schools, pupil involvement in decision making is often referred to as ‘pupil voice’.

Pupil voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them.

There are a number of different drivers for, and potential benefits from, pupil voice, including:

  • Children’s Rights, which recognises that children have rights, including the right to have their opinions taken into account in decisions that concern them.
  • Active Citizenship, which highlights how pupil voice can contribute to preparation for citizenship by improving pupils’ knowledge and ‘social’ skills and, in doing so, enhance the quality of democracy.
  • School Improvement, which recognises that consultation with pupils can lead to better school performance, whether in terms of improved behaviour, engagement or attainment among pupils.

The School Council is an ideal opportunity to involve our pupils with regard to their rights and responsibilities.

Our School Council meets weekly, and is led by Miss McNally. Each class have voted one representative for their class. The role of chairperson is rotated throughout the year.

Our School Council Representatives 2023-2024

The school's leadership team will consult the councillors for their views on different aspects of school life. We all work together to strive to make The Brent a place we are all proud to be associated with.

What have the student council done?

Term 1:
  • Elected new representatives
  • Feedback on dojos and how these are used
  • Met independent caterers to discuss menu choices
  • Harvest donations: organised and delivered to local church
Term 2:
  • Ideas for Dojo shop (Reset end of term)
  • Gareth Johnson MP visit.
  • Petition to Houses Of Parliament for 20mph limit.
  • Tours and postcard for new pupils.
Term 3:
  • Spoke to classes about ordering school lunches.
  • Dojo discussions.
  • Our petition was read in the Houses Of Parliament.
  • What Went Well and Even Better If from our classes.
Term 4: Coming soon
Term 5: Coming soon
Term 6:

The School Council worked with Miss McNally to write an anti-bullying policy for children by children. Often policies are written for adults but ours is a bit different! The School Council created this in their weekly sessions then launched it with the school in an assembly. They have a copy within each classrooms and the messages within the policy will be reinforced across the year with the help of supporting all with their understanding of what bullying is and what to do.

Child-friendly Anti-Bullying Policy July 2024