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The Brent Primary

Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS

We are the Kingfishers, Nightingales, and Woodpeckers classes supported by the following members of staff:

Children in Foundation stage learn through a balance of teacher directed learning (when the children are engaged in activities and learning decided by the adult) and child initiated learning (when the child decides how they will learn and develop through play).

Play is an important way in which young children learn to explore and understand the world around them. It helps them to develop creativity, curiosity and self-confidence. It teaches them how to build relationships with others, collaborate and discover their own interests and talents.

During child initiated learning your children can free-flow across all three classrooms and the outside area. The learning environment is carefully planned to ensure the children can access a wide variety of learning experiences. We plan learning from children’s prior knowledge, experiences and interests to motivate and engage them.

We follow the EYFS curriculum and provide rich opportunities to enable children to initiate ideas and activities, developing the learning characteristics that support lifelong learning.

Throughout the Foundation stage, staff support children to develop characteristics to help them become effective learners who are keen to try new things.  Using a Growth Mindset approach, we encourage all our children to challenge themselves and develop a genuine love of learning.

EYFS Parent Workshop 2020

Following guidance from the EYFS Profile, we ensure that children:

  • are willing to ‘have a go’
  • are involved and concentrating
  • have their own ideas
  • choose ways to do things
  • find new ways of doing things
  • enjoy achieving what they set out to do

We are keen to work together with parents to support the learning of the children and celebrate their achievements both at home and in school. On this page, you will find some documents, which provide ideas to support your child’s learning in the different areas of the EYFS.

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Congratulations to the following children: