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Dreams and Goals Careers

What are your dreams and goals for the future? Do you know what job you want to have when you are older?

This afternoon we would like you to take some time to think about your future and what you aspire to do as an adult. Think about your interests and what you enjoy doing now, can you think of any jobs that use the same skills?

Research and learn about different job roles

There are lots of fun and exciting jobs that you might have never heard of before. Use these websites to learn about different job roles:

Find out about some of the jobs of parents and friends of the school


Read about Miss Perry


Read about Mrs Webb




Read about Mr Hylton



Your activity

Can you complete the activity for your year group below and then send these into your class teacher. We can’t wait to see your dreams and goals!

Year R, 1 & 2

Draw a picture of yourself as a grown-up.

Year 3 – 6

What career would you like in the future? Why?

Can you label or write a sentence explaining what type of grown up you will be?


  • What hobbies/ interests will you have?
  • Where will you live?
  • Would you like to travel?
  • What qualities do you have?
  • What job do you want to do?

Can you research your chosen career? See if you can find out about the following, you can record this is any way you wish.


  • Skills / qualities needed
  • Job description
  • Working hours
  • Qualifications
  • Salary